Sheila Hicks : Music to My Eyes 🌐

Jusqu’au 31 juillet 2021

Alison Jacques
16–18 Berners Street

Une exposition qui précède celle du Hepworth Wakefield, musée d’art moderne et contemporain situé à Wakefield au Royaume-Uni, prévue en avril 2022.

Throughout her 70-year career, the Nebraska-born, Paris-based artist has endeavoured to bestow upon fibre an independent voice, allowing form, colour and texture to dictate its own progression through space.
As Hicks notes: ‘Thread is the universal language. It could become a hammock, or a fishing net, or a hat, or a home… It’s the first thing you feel in the morning when you wake up in your bed sheets, then you step on a rug, you pick up a towel