Paris Essex 🌐

Du 15 juillet au 22 août 2020

Emma Scully galery
1850 Industrial Street, Unit 614
Los Angeles, CA

Fondée par Carolyn Clewer et Tiphaine de Lussy, Paris Essex est le résultat d’une collaboration de plus de 20 ans qui commença au Royal College of Art entre les deux spécialistes textile.

The latest chapter of this adventure is the creation of narratives in a space where distinctions between craft, design, high art and low culture are blurred. Clewer and de Lussy take it in turns to play with crochet and knit, using luxurious blends of mohair, wool and super-synthetics. Each blanket is individually created by the duo, taking on its own personality as it grows organically and fluidly.  The process is more akin to collage or patchwork than meticulously planned design. Each blanket tells its own story, mixing in patterns, shapes and characters.