Yinka Shonibare CBE : “Flower Power” 🌐

Du 21 mars 26 mai 2019

Fukuoka Art Museum

Première exposition personnelle au Japon de l’artiste qui met en relation les collections textiles du musé et les travaux en batik de Shonibare.

Flower Power unravels the complex history of the fabric, from its original conception based on Indonesian design, to its introduction to the African colonies in the 19th century, and its re-appropriation as a symbol of Black power and African independence in the 1960s.

Central to the exhibition is Woman Shooting Cherry Blossom (2019), a new work by Shonibare tracing the spread of the Edwardian dress in Dutch-wax fabric around the globe, reflecting the 19th century’s globalised economy as well as the predominance of colonialism in this era. The cherry blossom shooting out of the rifle represents the postcolonial hybridisation of female identities emerging from the historical confines of Meiji Japan.