Chiharu Shiota – Line of Thought 🌐

Du 31 mars au 16 juin 2019

Museum Sinclair-Haus
61348 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe

Une exposition personnelle, comprenant deux installations, Drifting (2019) and Beyond Time (2018), accompagnées de dessins, photographies et sculptures.

The colour red also has a special meaning in the output of this artist, who started out as a painter: to her, it recalls human blood. For her work Becoming Painting, she painted her body, her face and her white linen dress with red paint, becoming a part of the work herself through this connection of painting and performance. The colour red also plays a significant role in her new work, where it appears in the shape of red threads which she knots into small or even large-format net installations. Her nets are spun around objects of daily life, which are expressive media of human actions and recall what has been forgotten. Thus, she uses objects such as a burnt-out piano, a bridal gown, a lady’s coat, numerous keys or wooden boats, as she did most recently at the Venice Biennial in 2015. These works form poetic installations with a direct connection with her early performance works. To Shiota, the threads and their interwovenness also symbolize the extension of life beyond the body, such as in sleep and dreams, in thoughts and imagination – invisible links which her nets render visible.