Collecting and Recolling 🌐

Du 22 février au 14 juillet 2019

International Quilt Study Center & Museum (IQSCM)
Universitée du Nébraska
1523 N 33rd St
68503 Lincoln

Les quilts de cette exposition ont été faits par des femmes et des hommes habitant des villes et des villages des états indiens de Gujarat, Maharashtra et Karnataka.

Throughout western India, people make quilts for practical reasons: to have something to sleep under, to hang in doorways, to augment dowries, to sell. They make quilts for personal reasons, as well: to document daily life, to offer as gifts, to signal group affiliation or individuality.

The IQSCM partnered with researchers from various backgrounds to discover, document, and acquire quilts characteristic of the three regions. The researchers’ approaches were different. Some embarked on intensive fieldwork, employing the help of local guides to conduct interviews with quiltmakers. Others ventured into rural areas hoping for serendipitous quilt discoveries, and recorded their searches with photographs and travelogue entries. A third set—two separate groups of academics—encountered quilts in the course of unrelated research, and were inspired to document the textiles, interview their makers, and in one case, help to establish a women’s quilt cooperative