Mayan Traje : A Tradition in Transition 🌐

Du 21 juillet au 13 octobre 2019

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
520 south 1st street
San Jose
CA 95113

L’exposition explore comment les vêtements des Maya du Guatema sont spécifiques à chaque village et pourquoi ils changent avec le temps.

The Maya of Guatemala are known worldwide for their excellent weaving and distinctive trajes (traditional clothing). These were once 100% village-specific, and people could be recognized as being from a specific place. Over time, many and diverse influences have caused significant change — but even so, visitors are struck by the ubiquitous nature of indigenous weaving and the persistence of their “ art”. This exhibit will show outstanding examples of clothing from the early 20th century to contemporary fashion, highlight key differences, and explore some of the reasons for these changes. On view will be individual pieces as well as full trajes – none created for tourist markets. These will be drawn from the rarely-displayed collection of the Friends of the Ixchel Museum.