Tapestries 🌐

Du 12 octobre 2019 au 1 mars 2020

The Whitworth

University of Manchester
Oxford Road

Cette exposition montre l’étendue des textiles à la Whitworth qui sont fabriqués avec les méthodes de tissage de la tapisserie.
Les oeuvres de Morris and Co., Grayson Perry, Marta Rogoyska et Eduardo Paolozzi sont exposées en même à côté de pièces traditionnelles.

Kelims from Central Asia, fine silk kesi from China and early fragments from Peru and Egypt: the first known civilisations to have made tapestries. Sacrifice and celebration, hunting and the hunted, female ideologies and class, politics and taste are threaded through the many versions of this global technique.
A large mural in this space, commissioned by the Whitworth from Ibukun Baldwin, tells us a little about how tapestries are made. Baldwin is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of ethical fashion and textiles company Bukky Baldwin, situated in the Whitworth Work Shop. The company offers training and opportunities to marginalised communities, gathering people to make things together at the Whitworth.