Morigami Jin 🌐

Du 31 aout au 22 septembre 2018

TAI Modern

Paniers de bambou et sculptures de l’artiste.

“In bamboo art, to materialize your vision you have to keep working with the medium for many years and acquire fine skills through experience. When I start a project, I have a rough idea in mind, but it really is a joint venture between the bamboo and myself,” Morigami explains. “It could be a friendly partnership, or it could be a battle. Whichever the case may be, dialogue with the material and constant adjustments by the artist are essential to every part of the process. That is what makes bamboo art so interesting to me.” 

Morigami Jin began working with bamboo professionally over 40 years ago. His parents and grandparents were bamboo artisans, so he grew up playing with the material.