Tapestry Here and Now 🌐

Du 23 juin au 1er octobre 2017

The Holburne Museum
Great Pulteney St
Bath BA2 4DB

L’exposition présente le travail d’artistes internationaux et donne à voir les approches les plus novatrices.

Alongside British tapestry weavers, the exhibition features artists from Australia, Norway, Latvia, Japan and the USA with over 20 artists represented, including Erin Riley, Caron Penney, Ai Ito, Jilly Edwards, Yasuko Fujino and Fiona Rutherford.

Their work explores themes of enduring relevance including how we respond to nature and the urban environment, how tapestry can tell personal and political stories, and the skill of the hand-made.

Un symposium aura lieu le 29 septembre. Voir le programme des communications : http://www.holburne.org/events/tapestries-the-narratives-of-our-times/