Barbara Chase-Riboud – Malcolm X : Complete 🌐

Du 9 septembre au 4 novembre 2017

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery
100 Eleventh Avenue
New York

C’est la première fois que 14 des 20 stèles dédiées à Malcom X sont exposées ensemble, grâce au prêts des collectionneurs privés et des musées. L’artiste a commencé cette série de sculptures monumentales en bronze et fibre en 1969 et l’a poursuivie à partir de 2003.

“Suddenly there was a combustion of interaction between the cast, polished or black bronze and the soft, implied motion of the skirt, which took on the characteristics of the bronze, solidifying into a column of graphic line and mass that seemed to support the metal, while the bronze melted into a soft mass of interacting light in motion. The materials had come to some kind of unplanned peace treaty on their own and fused into one entity. Alchemy or chance? As this happened in case after case (but not always), I figured it was luck but not happenstance. I had my steles. I decided to dedicate them to the assassinated civil rights leader Malcolm X.”
-Barbara Chase-Riboud, 2014