Fibres of Life: IKAT Textiles of the Indonesian Archipelago 🌐

Du 15 Septembre au 25 Novembre 2017

University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG)
University of Hong Kong
90 Bonham Road, Pokfulam
Hong Kong

Exposition qui offre une compréhension de la profusion des styles d’ikats dans l’archipel indonésien.

Looking at OATG member Peter Ten Hoopen’s Pusaka Collection from a scholarly point of view, it is worth acknowledging how it illustrates the concept of ‘unity in diversity’, which the young state of Indonesia chose as its motto upon independence. Here, the interwovenness of styles from neighbouring island regions matter, as do their marked individuality and idiosyncrasies. Moreover, it allows for the study not just of the people’s finery, but also of their daily attire, which is lamentably absent in most collections. (Pour lire la suite, aller sur le site)