1000 Mouchoirs pour ne jamais oublier 🌐

Du 3 mars au 7 juillet 2017

Musée des cultures européennes
Arnimallee 25
14195 Berlin.

Pour commémorer les personnes tuées depuis 1991 dans les guerres dans l’ex-Yougoslavie et en en collaboration avec la Fondation Bridge, Berlin.

The Roll of Remembrance, a project of the Berliner Verein südost Europa Kultur e.V. (Berlin Association for South-East European Culture), commemorates people killed since 1991 in wars in the former Yugoslavia. Refugee women who had lost relatives, friends, and neighbours join with women from other countries in embroidering handkerchiefs with the names and birth and death dates of the dead, decorating each one individually. The artist Anna Brägger has assembled these cloths into large swaths of material. This exhibition accompanies the presentation daHEIM: Glances into Fugitive Lives.