Channing Hansen 🌐

Du 8 juin au 29 juillet 2017

Stephen Friedman, Gallery Two
11 Old Burlington Street
London W1S 3AQ

Première exposition individuelle de l’artiste californien en Angleterre. Les immenses textiles tricotés à la main sont tendus sur des cadres de bois et présentés comme des peintures en de vibrantes formes abstraites.

“Craft solves questions; art asks them,” according to contemporary artist Channing Hansen. Living and working in his hometown of Los Angeles, Channing is both a typical and atypical artist. Typical in that his mind is always working, constantly being reflected in his prolific art practice that pans painting, sculpture, video, performance and – the atypical part – knitting. He took up the craft over 10 years ago as a way to keep himself occupied outside of the studio, and now this has culminated in a remarkable body of work that marries knitting with the very structure of his DNA.