Sheila Hicks : Material Voices 🌐

Du 5 juin au 4 septembre 2016

Joslyn Art Museum
2200 Dodge St
Nebraska 68102

Sheila Hicks once mused, “I often make a statement about my feelings regarding the world using textiles as my language.”

Sheila Hicks: Material Voices honore cette vision particulière, montrant comment ce langage visuel a fortement été travaillé par la mémoire et l’espace. Hicks a redéfini le rôle de la fibre et du fil dans l’art à travers ces pièces monumentales comme dans ces petits tissages.

This exhibition spans nearly sixty years of her prolific career. Colorful suspended fiber pieces will engage and play with the architecture of the Museum’s Pavilion galleries. Among these installations will be a new, large-scale work created specifically for the soaring elevations of the galleries in the Norman Foster building. Spread throughout the exhibition will be minimes (min-eems) made over the last five decades. With their wandering lines and non-fiber materials — including feathers, shells, paper, and wood — these intimate weavings represent some of Hicks’s most experimental work. Using a crude loom she constructed in the late-1950s, Hicks turns to the minimes to reflect on her rich life experiences and world travels. Placing older work in conversation with recently-made objects, the exhibition reflects Hicks’s own understanding of her practice not as a trajectory, but rather as an open plane that has allowed for innovation, appropriation, and constant reinvention.