From Sweden to Sardinia: Embroidered garments from all over Europe 🌐

Du 30 août 2016 au 23 février 2017

Stichting Textile Research Centre
Hogewoerd 164
2311 HW,  Leiden
The Netherlands

Pour cĂ©lĂ©brer ses rĂ©centes acquisitions et pour porter l’attention sur les broderies europĂ©ennes rĂ©gionales, la TRC galerie montre le travail Ă  l’aiguille de nombreux pays d’Europe.

For centuries, people all over Europe have been decorating their clothing with what are often highly intricate forms of ornamental needlework. The Textile Research Centre (TRC) in the Netherlands is therefore very pleased about their recent acquisition of about sixty embroidered Hungarian garments and over 1,400 items of European regional dress, many of which are embroidered. The TRC now has one of the largest collections of traditional European clothing in Europe. Over the next few years they plan to highlight various aspects of this stunning array of European material culture, in both actual and digital exhibitions.