17e Biennale de mini-textile : MEMORY OF TEXTIL

du 4 juin au 21 juin 2015

Dostojevkeho rad 2
811 09 – Bratislava – Slovaquie

puis du 1 au 24 juillet 2015

Galerie Diamant de Prague
gallery SVU Manes diamond,
Spalena 4, Prague1.

Manifestation organisée par TxT, The Slovak Textile Artists Association

La proposition faite aux artistes était celle-ci :

“Textile is such a common part of life that its exceptional values are often overlooked. Its close contact to body gives it emotional power. And in addition to many other properties, it also has the ability to record stories from the past – personal, intimate, but also collective. The historical memory of textile, as well as the private one, tell of past values, skills, relationship to the world and shift the legacy of its content towards the future.