Call & Response: Craft as a Toll for Activism

Publié le 7/9/2021 –

Une exposition virtuelle permettant de voir le travail de 50 artistes qui travail à l’intersection de l’artisant et de l’activisme en défendant les idées de leur communauté avec le medium de leur choix.

In May, MCD launched an open call to artists and craftspeople resulting in 421 submissions employing a diverse range of mediums, practices, and concepts. With material practices ranging from neon signs to ceramics, concrete, cut paper, embroidery, textiles, clothing and fashion, jewelry, woodworking, social practice, and makeup artistry; the entries also spoke to diverse issues: ecology, racism, social injustice, police brutality, prison reform, feminism, trans rights, gun control, voting rights, immigration, gentrification and much more, painting a portrait of the issues that face Americans today.

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